Førde Traditional and World Music Festival

Festival’s name: Førde Traditional and World Music Festival

Website: fordefestival.no

Country: Norway

Location: Førde

Dates 2018: 4 – 8 July

Førde Traditional and World Music Festival (establ. 1990) is the largest festival in Scandinavia for traditional and world music and dance from all over the world. Main profile: traditional and contemporary folk music on an accoustic basis. The program: concerts, workshops, exhibitions, children’s events, dance evenings etc The Venues: more than 30 different in- and outdoor venues (small and large). Yearly focus – in 2018: The dance in the music – The music in the dance! Aims: open new doors, welcome new experiences, present artists not familiar for the audience in Norway, create magic musical meetings through quality concerts. Yearly visits: 26000. web: fordefestival.no