August 2018 Chart

twmc11. Ammar 808  
Maghreb United

2. Fatoumata DiawaraFenfo – Montuno / Shanachie / Wagram
3. Dobet GnahoréMiziki – LA Café
4. Catrin Finch & Seckou KeitaSoar – Bendigedig
5. Samba TouréWande – Glitterbeat
6. The TurbansThe Turbans – Six Degrees
7. Toko TeloDiavola – Anio
8. Hermeto PascoalHermeto Pascoal e sua Visão Original do Forró – Scubidu
9. BombinoDeran – Partisan
10. Shadi Fathi & Bijan ChemiraniDelâshena – Buda Musique

11. Monsieur DoumaniAngathin – Monsieur Doumani
12. Amsterdam Klezmer Band & SöndörgőSzikra – Vetnasj
13. Anandi BhattacharyaJoys Abound – Riverboat / World Music Network
14. Invisible SystemBamako Sessions – Riverboat / World Music Network
15. Rahim AlHaj TrioOne Sky – Smithsonian Folkways
16. Nancy VieiraManhã Florida – Lusafrica
17. Koum TaraKoum Tara – Odradek
18. Angelique KidjoRemain in Light – Kravenworks
19. Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra – Avo Kanto – Satélite K
20. SoljuOđđa Áigodat – Bafe’s Factory

21. Enza Pagliara & Dario MuciMarea – Nauna Cantieri Musicali
22. Chancha Vía CircuitoBienaventuranza – Wonderwheel
23. V.A. – Listen All Around: The Golden Age of Central & East African Music – Dust-to-Digital
24. Mercedes PeónDéixaas – Mercedes Peón / Altafonte
25. Marta GómezLa Alegría y el Canto – Aluna
26. Eliades Ochoa & Alejandro AlmenaresDos Gigantes de la Música Cubana – Tumi
27. Cemîl Qoçgîrî & Manuel LohnesBêdawîtî – Ahenk Müzik
28. Arat Kilo, Mamani Keïta, Mike LaddVisions of Selam – Accords Croisés
29. VingefangTidens Ekko – GO’ Danish Folk
30. Red BaraatSound the People – Rhyme & Reason

31. Don KipperSeven Sisters – Riverboat / World Music Network
32. Yossi Fine & Ben AylonBlue Desert – Blue Desert
33. Riccardo Tesi & BanditalianaArgento – Visage
34. RAMAugust 1791 – Willibelle
35. SvängSväng Plays Tango – Galileo Music
36. Baul Meets SazNamaz – Seyir Muzik
37. AgricantusAkoustikòs Vol. 1 – CNI
38. Hugh MasekelaMasekela 66-76 – Wrasse
39. Malagasy Guitar MastersVolo Hazo – Buda Musique
40. Grupo Mono Blanco¡Fandango! Sones Jarochos de Veracruz – Smithsonian Folkways

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Current members of the TWMC panel: Araceli Tzigane (ES), Juan Antonio Vázquez (ES), Ángel Romero (US), Seth Jordan (AU), Tony Hillier (AU), Charlie Crooijmans (NL), Nigel Wood (IE), Dore Stein (US), Roger Holdsworth (AU), Madan Rao (IN), Gil Medovoy (US), Chris Heim (US), Ciro De Rosa (IT), Scott Stevens (US), Hendrick T S Foh (MY), Cliff Furnald (US), Rob Weisberg (US), Toni Polo (FR/ES), Nicolás Falcoff (AR), Masakazu Kitanaka (JP), Jordi Demésenllà (ES), Rafael Mieses (DO/US), Luís Rei (PT), Jean Trouillet (DE), Evangeline Kim (US), Willi Klopottek (LU/DE), Betto Arcos (MX/US), Thorsten Bednarz (DE), Alejandro López (ES), Jon Kertzer (US), Ken Stowar (CA), Jiří Moravčík (CZ), Mu Qian (CN), Carlos Ferreira (PT), Anna Rzhevina (RU), Gil Rouvio (IL), Bouna Ndiaye (SN), Kutay Derin Kuğay (TR), Robert Gregor (SK), Ponxo Taifa Ángeles (MX), Yatrika Shah-Rais (IR/US), Armen Manukyan (AM), Rolf Beydemüller (DE), François Bensignor (FR), Cecilia Aguirre (AR/DE), Eleni Ziliaskopoulou (GR), Marija Vitas (RS), Jaïr Tchong (NL), Enrique Blanc (MX), Tiago Lucas Garcia (BR), Zekeriya S. Şen (TR), Benjamín Muñiz (PR), Daryana Antipova (RU), Mika Kauhanen (FI), Luisa Piñeros (CO), Toni Pennacchia (US), Husniddin Ato (UZ), Sergey Maiboroda (KZ).

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Bayimba International Festival of the Arts

Festival’s name: Bayimba International Festival of the arts


Country: Uganda

Location: Lunkulu Island, Mukono

Start date: 2018-08-02

End date: 2018-08-05

The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts has developed into a major multi-arts festival with varied and qualitative programming, presenting exciting, innovative and creative ideas. It is eagerly awaited by locals while artists and visitors from abroad pour into Uganda to take advantage of the exciting artistic experience. With a vibrant and an unparalleled feast of music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts from renowned and upcoming artists from around the world. The festival has truly become a highlight on Uganda’s social and cultural calendar and is also gradually developing into an important (East) African destination festival.

FMM Sines

Festival’s name: FMM Sines – Festival Músicas do Mundo


Country: Portugal

Location: Sines, Portugal

Start date: 19 July 2018

End date: 28 July 2018

About: FMM Sines – Festival Músicas do Mundo is a music festival held every July in the municipality of Sines on the Alentejo coast in Portugal. Organised by the Sines City Council, it is a cultural public service festival. Adopting “Music with a spirit of adventure” as a motto, the festival is presented in historic and urban scenarios of great beauty and authenticity, close to a coastline with protected landscape.

Colours of Ostrava

Festival’s name: Colours of Ostrava


Country: Czech Republic

Location: Ostrava

Start date: 2018-07-16

End date: 2018-07-21

The Colour of Ostrava festival includes 3 events:
1. Czech music Crossroads conference + showcase concerts (running in the first 2 days) – 14 bands from 4 countries performing,
2. The main festival running in the following 4 days
3. Melting pot and Music Alarm, the discussions with musicians, artists and public figures running as the daytime supplement to the main festival

World Music Festival Bratislava

Festival’s name: World Music Festival Bratislava


Country: Slovakia

Location: Bratislava

Dates 2018: 13 – 16 Sep

World Music Festival Bratislava is a multi-genre festival with focus on world music taking place around the old town heart of Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. In a region that has long been Europe’s cultural crossroads. The festival forms a meeting point between East and West. The programme consists of concerts, showcases, conference, workshops, presentations about the traditional culture of the region, children’s programme and public discussions. It features leading musicians and bands from Slovakia and beyond. It provides a window on world music’s context in the country and its relationship to Slovakia’s rich traditional musics.

Cordas World Music Festival

Festival’s name: Cordas World Music Festival


Country: Portugal

Location: Madalena

Dates 2018: 7 – 16 Sep

Founded in 2016, Cordas World Music Festival is now working to build the third season in 2018.
Pico island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean welcomes string-music instruments and artists from around the world in venues that range from a garden, a cave, a vulcanic crater, natural pools, dragon-tree sanctuary, centre square stage and the new contemporary auditorium in the town of Madalena.
Artists that have been at Cordas include…
International: Tcheka (Cape Verde), Lu Yanan (China), Eran Zamir (Israel), Michel William (Mozambique), Maninho (Brazil), Anjos Teixeira (Germany), Marco del Castillo (Canary Islands), Beselch Rodriguez (Canary Islands), Pieter Adriaans

Sukiyaki Meets The World Festival

Festival’s name: Sukiyaki Meets The World Festival


Country: Japan

Location: Nanto-city, Toyama prefecture

Dates 2018: 23 Aug – 2 Sep

The Sukiyaki Meets The World takes place in Nanto-city (Hokuriku region, Japan) every year since 1991. It is entirely organized by local citizens (250 persons). With 4 stages and 12,000 visitors every year, it is the oldest and biggest event in Japan completely dedicated to Word Music. With more than 150 workshop, residence program, all the generations of the city are involved, throughout the year. The line-up includes confirmed groups and newcomers (, supported by the national medias and the main labels , it is established as a major actor of diffusion in the country. It includes satellite edition in Tokyo, Nagoya and Okinawa since 2011.

Rainforest World Music Festival

Festival’s name: Rainforest World Music Festival


Country: Malaysia

Location: Sarawak

Dates 2018: 13 – 15 July

The Rainforest World Music Festival 2018 will be the 21st edition. It attracts a crowd estimated at 20,000 during the 3 days. A 3 day celebration of music and action- packed stage shows at the Sarawak Cultural Village, under the imposing shadow of Mount Santubong, and in the midst of a virgin rainforest at the edge of the South China Sea. Apart from the music and stage shows, there will also be activities for the whole family, a health & wellness program and many more. An event not to be missed on the island of Borneo.