Festival Awards

As part of its goal to increase the appreciation of the music from the cultures of the world, as a tool for the development of people in many areas of life, as well as for joy and pleasure, the Transglobal World Music Chart launches a Festival Awards. The first edition will conclude at the end of 2018.

These awards consider “world music”, “traditional”, “roots” or whichever other name, music festivals, in the field of activity related to the Transglobal World Music Chart. The decision of excluding a specific festival because it is out of the topic resides on the administrators and it will continue the line of openness and diversity used previously with the music chart.

Download here a document with definitions and criteria for the Festival Awards: Festival Awards_2019_DefinitionCriteria

Apply now. Please, if you didn´t receive any answer in one week, ask us. We must confirm your submission in order to start the procedure.

The application period is open all year long. Note that we need some time to identify who will be the assesor, prepare that person and gather some needed data from you. You will also need some time to organice the visit. The soonest you apply, the easiest will be to get everything ready at the time of your festival.

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