Cordas World Music Festival

Festival’s name: Cordas World Music Festival


Country: Portugal

Location: Madalena

Dates 2018: 7 – 16 Sep

Founded in 2016, Cordas World Music Festival is now working to build the third season in 2018.
Pico island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean welcomes string-music instruments and artists from around the world in venues that range from a garden, a cave, a vulcanic crater, natural pools, dragon-tree sanctuary, centre square stage and the new contemporary auditorium in the town of Madalena.
Artists that have been at Cordas include…
International: Tcheka (Cape Verde), Lu Yanan (China), Eran Zamir (Israel), Michel William (Mozambique), Maninho (Brazil), Anjos Teixeira (Germany), Marco del Castillo (Canary Islands), Beselch Rodriguez (Canary Islands), Pieter Adriaans