Want to join us?

I want to be part of the panel, what can I do?

First of all, you must know that, at the moment, the list of members will be limited. If the list is complete, new members will be added only after removal or resignation of another panelist. In this case, the new candidates will be added to a waiting list. Notice that the period spent in the waiting list is not an admission criteria. So, which is the admission criteria? It’s related with the objectives of the TWMC:

  • Candidates working in any kind of media (radio, press, TV, online radio/podcast/magazine…), disseminating world music not only from one country/region/style.
  • Candidates from the less represented regions of the world are preferable, as they are aware of local releases that would not reach the international scope without that support.
  • Candidates with solid trajectory in the field of disseminating world music are preferable.
  • Candidates from more popular / relevant media are preferable, mainly if they provide more exposure to the results of the rankings (in other terms, if they provide more exposure to the music to audiences).
  • Participants in similar world music charts or polls with frequent activity are not eligible. Individuals who participate in annual or occasional polls are eligible.

Notice also that TWMC is a non-lucrative independent initiative (the economic benefits, if there are any, would be reinvested in the objectives of the initiative) with an undeniable spirit of service to culture and to humanity, but not a public institution. Final decisions rests with the founders and administrators. Taking all these into account, if you want to propose yourself to be a member of the panel, email us and explain to us:

  • Why do you want to be part.
  • Which are your activities related to world music.
  • Where are you located.

And, if you want, send us your CV/resume or any other information that could support your candidacy.