Presenting the Transglobal World Music Chart

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We are glad to announce you the launching of the Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC).

Transglobal World Music Chart is a network of world music critics and journalists, who are working on a regular basis, spreading world, roots, traditional music… in any kind of media. It has a real global approach, including representatives from most regions, with a very inclusive point of view.

TWMC produces a monthly chart and also a “best of the year” chart, selected according to quality. The panel is envisioned to include any good quality production, recorded in any country, including self-productions and small label releases.

The first chart will be published in October.

The goal is to spread the best world music productions selected by renowned world music specialists from all over the Globe. The aim of the Chart is also to facilitate artists to be included, regardless of geographical barriers, based on merit and talent rather than popularity, big productions or record sales.

How does it work?

The panel of critics holds two monthly ballots:

  • The members choose a certain number of albums each month. The most voted albums are nominated for the chart poll next month. The label/manager/artist responsible for the nominated albums are notified, so that they can send the album to the members that still don’t have it, so they can consider it for the chart the following month.
  • Simultaneously, the panel members vote their favorites among the albums nominated the previous months. This poll produces the chart of the highest rated albums.

The members of the panel might receive the music in CD or digital format. Monetary reasons (like the cost of shipping physical albums to all the members of the panel) should not be a handicap for any artist or label to be included in the Chart.

How is an album considered for the Chart?

The albums can be considered in two ways:

  • The members of the panel propose freely and proactively some albums each month. The most voted albums (nominated) enter in a selection period (from beginning of the month until the end), in which they can be sent to any other member of the panel for their ranking for the next month.
  • The record labels, artists, publicists, managers… can send the album to the members of the panel for their consideration. There are two options:
    • Get in touch directly with the members. Go to Members to contact them individually in order to send them a physical or digital copy.
    • Provide a link to download a digital copy to the administrators of the chart’s email that would be distributed exclusively to the members. You can email us from here.

Important to note:

Do not send audio files by email. Use other transfer methods, like DropBox, Wetransfer, a link to download from your server or any other. Don´t make it complicated for the members of the panel to get to listen to your music.

Sending digital albums involves including the booklet and the same information as the physical edition.

The members.

Currently there are 30 world music specialists in the panel from North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe (and more coming soon). You can check their profiles and contact them in Members.

The administrators and founder members of the TWMC are Juan Antonio Vázquez (Mundofonías, Spain), Araceli Tzigane (Mundofonías, Spain) and Ángel Romero (World Music Central, US).